Daniela Lopez Osorio : Thursday’s happening

Daniela is born Armenia, Colombia. Growing up there gave her the opportunity to be around her family, love and nature. She played a lot of some soccer and gymnastic at her high school age.

Her life changed when I started shopping in Orlando, FL on 2011 summer; She was living there after finishing their high school in Colombia to learn some English. She got found by a agency director and after that day her life has completely change.

She lived for a while in Miami but then she traveled all over the world. From New york to Los Angeles, Peru, Seattle, Dallas, Colombia, Milwaukee, Mexico, Sweden, San Francisco and tons of other places.

Therefore, 2.5 years of living in Miami area, she moved to the big apple since it’s the city Daniela was working most of the time and gave her the chance to grow and learn more on a daily basis. She’s very grateful about everything she learns and all the opportunity she got.

Her life is made of sun, beach, swimsuits, family, friends, music and of course modelling. That’s the perfect recipe to be happy.

You can follow her on instagram.