Meet Nathalie Kelley, the natural beauty

Raised in Peru to a Peruvian mother and Argentine father, Nathalie moved to Sydney, Australia at 2 years of age where she later went to the scholastically prestigious North Sydney Girls High School, whose graduated class with Nicole Kidman and Catherine Martin. She demonstrated an enthusiasm toward acting at a youthful age and selected in summer classes at NIDA. One of her educators was Australian performer Nick Bishop who, after 10 years, would play her adoration enthusiasm on the ABC show Body of Proof. As a teen she used her summers in Brazil where she inundated herself in Brazilian move and figured out how to talk Portuguese fluidly. When she was 18 years of age she ended up living in São Paulo, Brazil, part her time between displaying for the organization L’equipe and working with road kids. The recent in the end persuaded her to come back to Australia and start a degree in Political Science at the University Of New South Wales, majoring in Third World Development.

Amid her studies Nathalie volunteered with and got to be near Aboriginal group in the internal city suburb of Redfern. It was amid his time that Nathalie’s enormous break came when she busy the lead part in the Brad Kern/ Aaron Spelling pilot ‘Mermaid’, for which she conceded her degree and moved to Los Angeles.

A couple of months after the fact she had busy a part in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift as the lead female, Neela. For the part Nathalie learned Japanese notwithstanding floating.

In 2012, Nathalie left on a continuous cooperation with clique picture taker Neil Krug. She has reveal his beauty throughout the years and she’s now of the most beautiful girls/models of Peru. We will definitely keep watching Peru to maybe spot an other gorgeous model like her.

She is right now dwelling in Vancouver taping another Series for A&e Studios/Lifetime titled Unreal.