Pia Muehlenbeck. Germany to Sidney

This beautiful Aussie Oreo lovers catch me at first sight by it’s beautiful smile. Even if we can’t prononce her last name, I can resume it by magnificent. Her style is just awesome and inspire by it’s origin. Her passion for yoga and fitness have found her ways to founding a yoga clothes company called Slinkii. That’s the first thing we notice when I saw her at the first time. You can really feel the peace and the relax feeling in her soul. She move from Germany to Sidney when she were younger and that’s where she finally found her way through the fashion business.

She’s of course the best emblem to represent her business. She wears her clothes in a lot of pictures below and that’s a plus for us guys :). Behind her amazing hair and fit body, she’s a foodies, fitness junkie, beach bum and a good traveler buddy.

Not bad huh?